As part of their membership in YRL, each member library receives a library collections budget. This allotment fund is administered through YRL. To expend the allotment fund annually, each member library places orders for library materials through YRL.

School and public library managers can find out their allotment balance at any time by logging into the Coordinated Collection Development (CCD) Tool. Instructions on how to login to the CCD Tool can be found on the Ordering Library Collections page. Information on logins and passwords can be obtained by emailing (school library staff please use

Annual Allocation

  • Public Library Allotment: $0.50 per capita (based on the current Alberta Municipal Affairs population figures)
  • School Library Allotment: $1.00 per student (based on the school's current enrolment figures as reported to Alberta Education)


  • YRL operates on a January to December fiscal year. New allotment funds are added at the beginning of the fiscal year to each allotment account and any remaining balances from the previous fiscal year are carried forward.
  • Each member library receives an annual allotment statement that indicates the balance of funds carried forward from the previous fiscal year as well as the new fiscal year's allotment amount.
  • If a member library carries forward more than 10% of their previous year's allotment allocation, YRL will remind the library to submit orders to reduce this balance. Failure to spend the balance may result in YRL transferring these funds to YRL HQ collections.
  • YRL reserves the right to limit the amount of over-commitment for any given library and YRL may invoice for any purchases that exceed the library's allotment fund allocation amount. 

Additional allotment
A member library may choose to add additional funds to their YRL-held allotment account at any time throughout the fiscal year.

Reimbursement for outside purchases through allotment funds

YRL is able to reimburse a member public library for library materials purchased locally. A member public library submits receipts for locally purchased library materials and receives a cheque for the receipted amount as reimbursement. The funds for this reimbursement cheque are deducted from the member library's allotment fund only when there are sufficient funds.

To receive reimbursement, the member public library must complete the reimbursement form and return to YRL. Complete instructions are available on the form as well as a list of library materials that are acceptable for reimbursement.

Please contact Wendy for more information.