Best Practices and Standards

 Best Practices and Standards for Your Website

  A printable PDF of the Best Practices and Standards for Your Website listed below.


  • You should only have one row of menu items. This is more visually pleasing for the viewer. If your items take up more than one row you should move some items to be submenu items instead.


  • All banners should be 480 x 240 pixels.
  • The maximum number of banners you should have is five.
  • You have to have at least two banners in order for the banner application to work.

Side Content

  • All side content images should be 200 x 100 pixels.
  • Limit of five published side content on each side, not including permanent side content (i.e. events calendar and library information).
  • Patron Login, Library Information, Events Calendar, Current News and This Day in History cannot be moved to different positions. Any side content you add will appear below this content.
  • If you would like Current News and This Day in History removed from your website, please email a Client Services Librarian.

Resource Lists

  • The maximum number of items you should add to your resource list is nine.
  • You should have 3, 6 or 9 items on your resource list as three items appear at a time. This will prevent large whitespaces from occurring on your resource list.
  • As of now only books and audiobooks can be added to your resource lists.
  • When adding items to your resource lists make sure to check on that there is an image of the book cover. You should only add items with book cover images to your resource list.
  • You can add as many resource lists as you would like to your website. Each new resource list will appear on your home page below your latest news.
  • If you would like your resource list to appear on another page just email a Client Services Librarian saying which page you want your resource list to appear on as well as the name of the resource list. Your new resource list will appear at the bottom of whatever page it is moved to.

Library Logos

  • If you would like to add your own library logo to your website the maximum size it can be is 250 x 110 pixels.


  • When adding images to the CKfinder server make sure you are putting the images in your library’s folder. If you leave the image in the main Images folder they will be deleted.

Photo Galleries

  • The maximum size each image can be is 10MB.


  • When adding links make sure to choose a target. For best practices if your link is going to a page outside of your site choose New Window. If your link is going to a page inside your site choose Same Window.
  • You should always check every link you have added to make sure it works.
  • When creating links, always have the link be the title or description of the page you are going to. Never use the words “click here” as your link.


  • When making a webform you have to give a title to every single form component.
  • You do not need to add a colon to the end of each form component or question. It will automatically add one for you.

E-Resources and Home Page

  • Do not edit the E-Resources page as all YRL libraries share the page and it will alter every library’s website.
  • You can add submenu items to the E-Resources page and Home page if you want to.
  • The weight of Home is set to -50 and the weight of E-Resources is set to -46. Do not change the weight of either of these items. If you want E-Resources to appear farther down on the main menu set your other menu items to weights between -50 and -46.

Latest News

  • The most recently published news item will appear at the top of your latest news. The date you enter does not determine the publishing order.
  • If you would like to have a link appear in the small section that actually appears on your home page before the read more link the actual web address that you are linking to can’t be more than 50 characters. If the link is longer than 50 characters the link will need to either appear after the read more button or it will need to be shortened. To shorten a link go to the website and enter in the web address (URL) and click on "Make Tiny URL". This website will then create a short URL for you that you can use for your latest news item.