CCD - Coordinated Collection Development Tool

To create orders in Polaris, use the Coordinated Collection Development (CCD) Tool instructions.
The CCD tool can be logged into from the YRL website at and is currently only available to Library Managers unless you have arranged with YRL to have open permissions for your library staff who routinely do ordering. 

The CCD tool will allow you to:

  • Order in a fashion similar to a shopping cart system on Amazon or Chapters.
  • Know which library (if any) has the item in YRL and TRAC.
  • Create a CSV spreadsheet for your records that you can change into Excel.
  • Find out the fund balance in your Polaris account at the point of submitting the order.

If you need a print copy and can’t get one printed at your library, please email Wendy to send you a copy on the van run. 

Contact Wendy if you require any assistance or have any feedback.