Polaris Notifications

Notices are sent to patrons either by print, text message, email or telephone. This will be in the notification option of their patron registration workform.

What is telephony?
Telephony is an automated system that notifies patrons about their library holds, overdues, fines and reminders. The name of the voice is "Crystal." The number your patrons will see on their display may be any of the following:

  • 780-628-4116
  • 780-628-4011
  • 780-628-4707
  • 780-628-7464

Occasionally, Crystal is unsure if she is speaking to a real person or a voicemail and your patron may not hear the entire message, so ensure your patrons recognize this number. Moreover, a patron must stay on the line for at least seven seconds for the call to be considered a success. Any less than seven seconds and the call will be made again.

There are two reports on telephony calls available to you through Reports and Notices. See:

  • Custom > Telephony > Telephony Call History for a detailed list of all calls made
  • Notices > Telephony Call Failure Report for calls failed only.

NOTE: You will still need to run 'Billing' notices regularly. It is recommended that you continue to run print notices weekly.

Email notifications
At times, patrons may report that they are not receiving their email notifications. Here are some helpful tips.
Have the patron check that notification@tracpac.ab.ca and library@tracpac.ab.ca are trusted senders in their email account. Notices are sent from the former, checkout receipts from the latter.

If the patron is a TELUS customer

Emails may be delivered with *TELUS Detected Spam* in the subject line, so it is important to check that. Through TELUS, you are also able to have *TELUS Detected Spam* emails deleted automatically. If this is the case, the patron won't receive the email at all. One can change spam filter options through the TELUS account settings. As well, the patron can report non-spam to TELUS.

If the patron is a Shaw customer

Adjust your spam settings by logging in to Webmail and selecting Preferences at the top right hand side of the page. Select Spam from the left and choose your preferred settings. Shaw offers three options:

  • Discard message immediately (will not appear in trash)
  • Label message as Spam and keep in Inbox
  • Label message as Spam and send to Junk

The default setting for spam for Shaw customers is to discard message immediately. Therefore, if you haven't adjusted your settings since opening your account and don't get junk mail, you won't receive the notifications at all. See the Shaw website for more information.

Lastly, to determine whether the problem is related to your ISP, change your email address. Try a Google, Outlook or Yahoo account to see if that helps.

Text message notifications
Important information regarding Rogers customers and text message notification.