Ordering Library Collections

YRL centralized ordering reduces the cost of library collections, allowing member libraries to receive better discounts. Member libraries can order from lists of titles provided to YRL from suppliers. All orders are catalogued and processed before delivery.

We also provide information about standing orders you can set up once a year for your library and then receive these titles automatically throughout the year.

Ways to Order

1. Coordinated Collection Development (CCD) Tool, see instructions.

2. Shared carts from supplier's websites including ULS, CVS Midwest Tape and Whitehots.

3. Email orders@yrl.ab.ca (school library staff please use schoolq@yrl.ab.ca) and provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Member library name
  • Items to order including title, author, publication date, format of item ISBN and price
  • Indicate if this order is to paid out of your allotment fund or if you want to be invoiced (bill direct)

4. Paper orders providing the same information as above may be sent on a van run or faxed to YRL Acquisitions at 780-962-2770 or 1-888-962-2770.

On-Order Titles and Cancellations

Once a title is "on order" in Polaris, the turn-around time from supplier to YRL is tracked automatically. For titles already published, the turn-around time is 60-90 days dependant upon the supplier. Once this term is expired, YRL contacts the supplier and determines if the title should be left "on order" or cancelled. If the title is cancelled, this cancellation is recorded in reports that can be generated within Polaris and/or a written cancellation notice is available.

NOTE: For titles to be published [pre-publication titles found on Hotlist/Second Choice selection lists], the turn-around time is minimally 365 days. This extended turn-around time is chosen because pre-publication titles may be delayed by publishers for a variety of reasons.YRL does not contact the supplier before the 365 days are expired and if the title is be published within the next year, the title is left "on order".

For more information about this service or to send an order, contact orders@yrl.ab.ca (school staff please use schoolq@yrl.ab.ca).