Summer Reading Resources: All Ages

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Summer Reading Club Workshop 2019

We had some excellent presentations on STEAM Challenges, Makerspaces, Escape Rooms, and more at our workshop this year. For those who couldn't make it or would like to review, here are some of the presentations and resources from the workshop.

Summer Reading Club Presentation
What is it: The main presentation from the day's workshop. This includes some information on STEAM Challenges, Escape Rooms, and the Summer Slide.

Makerspace 101 Presentation
What is it: A presentation made by a Community Services Librarian from Yellowhead Regional Libraries on Makerspaces and STEAM Challenges, with links to some of the discussed activities. 

The 100-Cup STEAM Challenge Program Plan
What is it: a complete program plan for preschool to teen participants. Small groups work to build a mountain of cups with a tunnel running through it so the small car provided could drive through the mountain.

Circuitry Tutorial Program Plan 
What is it: a complete program plan for school age and teen participants. Each participant builds a small circuit from household materials.

Escape Room Program Plan
What is it: a complete program plan for an escape room that can be set up in nearly any environment.

From Here to There STEAM Challenge Program Plan
What is it: a complete program plan for school age to teen participants. Groups use cut pool noodle pieces to move a marble from a start to a finish line.

Summer Reading Tic Tac Toe Cards

This year, we created Tic Tac Toe Library Challenges for four different age groups: children, teens, adults, and seniors. Feel free to use these as a resource to supplement your Summer Reading Programs and keep patrons coming to the library this summer. For example, you could print out and distribute the tic tac toe cards to patrons in each specified age group, then have a draw for each age group to enter with their completed tic tac toe cards. Each tic tac toe card that is completed could be an entry into the draw, which could be for a new book or a simpler prize such as coffee, tea, or chocolate.

Click here to access the Summer Reading Tic Tac Toe Cards.

TD SRC Evaluation

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Programming Resource List

Below is a list of resources to help you with your passive and active library programming. These links range from blogs full of ideas and inspiration to specific webpages with program plans and tutorials. The list is also organized by age group, though many of the programs could easily be adapted for use with a different age range. There is also a section of programming ideas for all ages at the end of this list. Good luck and happy programming!

Childrens Programming

Kids Programming - Giant Candy Land
What it is: how to build a life-size Candy Land game. There are no downloads, but the website includes many pictures to use for reference.

Reading Passports
What it is: a free download for children’s reading passports that you could use as another method of tracking the number of books read over the summer or throughout the year. The link also includes a short explanation of how the librarian used them in her library.

Kids Programming - Rock the Library
What it is: a list of kid’s programming ideas for a range of age groups, including Storytime programming and STEAM activities for school age children.

7 STEAM Art Activities Your Kids Will Love
What it is: a list of 7 STEAM activities that focus on the art aspect of STEAM.

25+ STEM Challenges for Kids: Child-Centered Projects Focused on Building
What it is: a list of STEM and STEAM challenges that focus on building, design, and critical thinking. The recommended age groups for these challenges range from preschool to school age children.

28 Days of Hands-On STEM Activities for Kids
What it is: a list of STEM projects and challenges that includes a “STEM Goes Green” section as well as some coding and budget-friendly activities.

The Lego Librarian
What it is: a children’s librarian’s blog featuring many program plans for children ranging from preschool to school age, many of which could be adapted for teen programs.

Library Bonanza
What it is: a blog that focuses primarily on preschool library programming. For many of its programs, it also includes rationale as to why these programs benefit the participants.

31 Days of Low-Prep STEAM Activities For Kids
What it is: a list of low-budget STEAM activities with links to program plans for the activities. Some also include books to pair with the activities, and most can be adapted for a range of age groups.

The Ultimate Resource of STEAM Activities for Preschoolers
What it is: a blog full of STEAM challenges specifically for preschoolers. The website itself doesn’t include program plans, but links out to other blogs for more detailed tutorials and explanations.

Top 10 Read Alouds for Elementary STEM
What it is: a list of read-along books with STEM themes, and STEM Challenges to pair with the books. These challenges are meant for elementary school-age children, and do not include full program plans.

Teen Programming

How to Host a Teen Trivia Program
What it is: how to run a teen trivia night at your library, with some trivia questions and answers to get you started.

Library Lock-Ins for Teens
What it is: how one librarian runs her “After Hours” Teen Lock-In Program, including a complete itinerary for one of her lock-ins as an example.

Live Action Pac-Man
What it is: a supply list and rules for a live-action Pac-Man game. The game was created for a teen program but could be run with school-age children.

Battle of the Books
What it is: details on how Sewickly Public Library runs their annual “Battle of the Books” competition, which could be adapted for either school age children or teens.

Tween Programming–Frankentoys
What is it: A description of their “Frankentoys” program, where older school age children and teens could use parts of old toys to build their own Frankentoy, as well as tips to help the program run smoothly.

Breaking the Rules
What it is: how a library ran a “Mystery Night” for their school age and teen patrons: an interactive after-hours scavenger hunt competition.

Silent Library: Around the World Edition
What it is: a description of how to run a “Silent Library” style program for teens, complete with a list of challenges for an “Around the World” theme.

Silent Library and Minute to Win It Games
What it is: more challenges and details for running a “Silent Library” program, as well as additional “Minute to Win It” style challenges.

YA Programming Behind the Scenes: Breakfast of Books
What it is: a description of how a librarian ran a Teen Book Talk for their new releases, complete with breakfast and other incentives to ensure teen participation.

Transforming Youth Services: Supporting Youth Through “Adulting”
What is it: an article about new library programs helping teens get ready for adult life with seminars on managing finances, cooking, moving into your first apartment, and other necessary skills for independent living.

A Library Battle Royale
What it is: setup and gameplay instructions to run a real-life Fortnite battle for your teen and school age patrons.

Self Directed Programs
What it is: a list of ideas and tutorials for teen passive programming.

Top 10 Programs Teens Want @ the Library
What it is: a list of teen programming ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Make Your Own Wreck This Journal Teen Program
What it is: a program plan for a “Make Your Own ‘Wreck This Journal’” program that could be run with teens or school age children.

MakerSpace: Fun with Lettering and Quarto Books
What it is: teen makerspace program ideas with less of a technological focus. This website includes no program plans but does link to other websites with more information on the ideas listed.

YALSA Teen Programming HQ
What it is: a forum for sharing and researching teen program ideas previously implemented by other librarians, which generally have evaluations of each program and suggestions for others when running the program.

Zen and the Art of Teen Services
What is it: a blog full of teen programming ideas, book reviews, and activities.

Seniors Programming

Armchair Travel: A Sensory Experience For Seniors
What it is: An list of ideas to implement an "Armchair Travel" program for seniors.

Senior Speed Connect
What it is: a full program plan to run a “Senior Speed Connect” program for seniors in the area to make new friendships and renew old ones.

Library Spotlight: Senior Programs at Westerville Public Library
What it is: a librarian interview detailing Westerville Public Library’s Senior Outreach Programs, particularly which programs were the most well-recieved in their community.

Local Library and Retirement Residences Create ‘Meaningful Experience’ with Intergenerational Storytime
What it is: a news article detailing an Intergenerational Storytime pilot program led by Kingston Frontenac Public Library.

How to Plan a Senior Citizen Prom
What is it: Ideas for running a senior citizen prom night.

Grand Buddy Program – Activity Ideas for Seniors & Children
What it is: a description of Grand Buddy Program where children and seniors come together to play games and make crafts. This program was implemented in a senior’s home, but the activities could easily be adapted to be run in a library setting as part of other programs.

Engaging the Bookend Generations: Library Activities
What it is: a PDF with a list of ideas for intergenerational programming.

Loneliness Can Kill: This Maine Librarian Is Doing Something About It
What it is: an article describing the benefits of senior programming in libraries and how senior involvement in libraries can expand beyond active programs.

Programming For All Ages

Book Madness: A Tournament of Books
What it is: a program plan for running a “March Madness” style Tournament of Books. This is made with teen patrons and Young Adult books in mind but could easily be adapted for any age group or book genre.

Punch-box Fortunes
What is it: a passive programming idea to vary your patron’s reading and advertise your resources: punch-box reading fortunes.

Escape Room Manual
What it is: a complete manual on how to set up an escape room program in your library from start to finish.

Mini Golf at the Library!
What it is: a program plan to run a mini golf course program in your library, and a preview of how they set up their course using library materials to reduce costs.

Book Speed Dating
What it is: directions to run a "Book Speed Dating" program to introduce patrons to new genres and books. This article focuses on a program for school age children, but it could easily be adapted for any age.

3D Printer Escape Room at the Library
What it is: a complete program plan to run a 3D printer themed escape room, complete with the necessary 3D printing files, to help promote your makerspace.

Giant Jenga
What it is: how a public library built a giant Jenga game for patrons to use in their library.

Amazing Race: Library Edition
What it is: a program plan to run an “Amazing Race” competition in your library with a small budget.

Passive Programming: Book in a Jar
What it is: a “Book in a Jar” contest that could be used as passive programming for either school-age children, teens, or adults.

Library Programming
What is it: a Pinterest account made an Albertan librarian full of Storytime ideas, STEAM challenges, and programming for all age groups.

Passive Programs and Other Experiential Library Doings
What it is: a list of nine different passive programming ideas for a variety of age groups to keep your patrons engaged.

Ontarian Librarian
What it is: a public librarian’s blog that includes complete program plans on many of her children, teen, and adult programs.

Programming Ideas
What it is: a list of program ideas for all ages, complete with links to tutorials and program plans.

Programming Librarian
What it is: A programming website where you can browse library programming ideas by theme, budget, and audience.