System Outage - Aug 13

Planned System Outage
DATE: Monday, August 13, 2018
TIME: 8AM - 8P


9:40AM, August 14: The system has been restored. Polaris and all related services are up.

8:10AM, August 14: We are working to bring TRAC back online.

10:44PM, August 13: Internet to YRL HQ has been restored. 

7:58PM, August 13: A main component failed when bringing the system back up, compounded by an issue affecting our Internet with our ISP. We are working to resolve this; however, the system will continue to be unavailable.

Scheduled maintanence affecting access to Polaris, Polaris-related services and YRL network and drives.

Services impacted

  • Wireless internet access for public and staff networks
  • Polaris and all associated services:
    • Leap
    • TRACpac
    • Notifications
    • SimplyReports
    • eResources authentication
    • Polaris integrations on library websites
    • MeLibrary login
    • CCD
  • Access to shared drives

The outage is scheduled as the YRL server room's rooftop air conditioning unit is being removed and replaced. The scheduled window of downtime is 8AM to 8PM on Monday, August 31


  • Communicate to your patrons! Even if you are closed, their access to TRACpac and eResources will be affected.
  • If you choose to close the library on Monday, be sure to add an extra free day when you check in books on Tuesday.
  • Download and practice with the updated offline circulation spreadsheet.